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One of the primary purposes of the Internet, it seems to me, is to be a huge gathering place for people’s opinions on products and services. Want to find out which vacuum cleaner is the best? Check an opinion site. Trying to decide between an iPod and a Zune? I discovered there are plenty of strong opinions out there on that, too!

That’s the reason that each Glass.net partner glass shop’s account comes with a survey process and a way of collecting, tallying, and posting consumer reviews of your auto glass service, right there when your quote is displayed to the customer.

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Glass.net auto glass shops are already finding that this can make the difference.
Get that first positive customer rating and watch your customer flow increase. Customers are willing to pay more for proven quality, and auto glass is no different.
It’s something to think about as you join Glass.net—start with a price that’s maybe just a bit low for comfortable profit until you get some favorable customer ratings, and then bring your price up to the profit margin where it makes more sense.