The 3-Rollover Safety Factor

I was very impressed with Ralph Nader’s presentation at the May 17 – 19 Independents’ Days conference and Spring Auto Glass Show in Las Vegas.. Mr. Nader was concerned that much of the glass used for auto glass replacements was not as safe as it should be or could be. He used real examples where people, one a friend of his, lost their lives unnecessarily due to auto glass that didn’t hold up.

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As I understood it, lower quality windshield glass will provide protection for only one rollover instead of the 3-rollover protection provided by better quality windshields.

Somehow other auto-related industries (like tires and mufflers for example) have been able to create different qualities of product for different price points. In these industries, everyone understands that you get what you pay for. But in the auto glass installation business for some reason, in customers’ minds, a “windshield is a windshield” and they’ve been trained to find the lowest price. It must be because no one has told them that there are different levels of quality—in auto glass, in adhesive, and in the overall installation.

What if auto glass shops asked customers when they were purchasing a windshield, “Would you like the 1-rollover installation or the 3-rollover installation?” That’s an extreme example, but it would begin to start the conversation about different levels of windshield safety.

We at, feel very strongly about this issue and would like to get involved in promoting standards which will assure greater windshield safety. We would very much appreciate your suggestions.

Instantly Get Up to 3 Local Windshield Replacement Quotes