How Different Types of Car Windows are Replaced

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Curious about how different types of car windows are replaced? While this is not a detailed step-by-step guide for a DIY fix, this guide will help you gather general information about the process for each window location on your vehicle.

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But before we get into the nitty-gritty, we need to make a PSA about safety and cleanliness.

Safety & Cleanliness Precautions

The first step to replacing any piece of car glass in your vehicle is to start by cleaning up the debris from the damage.

It’s dangerous to try to work around tiny pieces of glass that are scattered everywhere. Plus, if the window being replaced needs a new seal to hold the glass in place and support the structure of the car, you don’t want to have anything come between the seal and the car frame, or the new glass. Your installer will use a powerful shop vacuum to clean the cabin, seats, carpet, center console, car frame, and more.

Glass has the ability to shatter in a very far-reaching scatter pattern so professional installers will take their time and thoroughly clean the vehicle for safety and installation purposes.


After cleaning the broken glass from the frame of your car window, and the inside of your vehicle, the glass installer will begin to remove inner panel of your car door.

Inside of the inner door panel the installer will remove the mounting hardware. Depending on your vehicle, removing the hardware inside of the vehicle could include disconnecting the plug that delivers power, multiple layered components, and finicky clips. When removing the inner door panel there are often additionally broken glass shards that will need to be removed and/or vacuumed.

From there, the new glass is shimmied into place. It’s important that the glass is positioned correctly on the track, or it will grind, scratch, and possibly break when it’s rolled up or down. After the car window glass has been positioned on the track.

Quarter Panel

How your quarter panels are replaced will depend on several different things. First, do the windows hinge or electrically roll open? Or are they just stationary?

If they are windows that have hinges or electrically roll open, they will undergo the same replacement process as a sidelite window. The inner panel where the quarter window is located will have to be removed and all the broken glass cleaned out of it. Then the mounting hardware will have to be carefully removed, and the window shimmied carefully into place. Then the mounting hardware is reinstalled, and lastly, the inner panel is also reinstalled.

When a quarter window is stationary, it will be replaced much like a windshield. The urethane seal around the window must be carefully and closely cut to the edge of the frame, after the glass of the damaged window has likely been forcefully removed. From there, the frame and the new quarter panel car window glass will be carefully cleaned and marked for mounting.

The new urethane seal will be applied to the appropriate surfaces and the glass will be installed in the frame. Lastly, the seal will need time to fully bond to both surfaces, before the vehicle is safe to drive.


A rear car window is installed almost identically to a car’s windshield.

Again, the window will first be forcibly removed, and the excess glass shards will be thoroughly cleaned. The seal for the window will be closely cut to the frame of the car. Then the frame and new car window glass will be cleaned for a smooth and strong seal. The sealant will be applied to the appropriate surfaces, and the glass will be installed in the frame, and it must be left to thoroughly dry.

While this overview may make the installation of car glass seem simple, the devil is in the details. A professional and experienced glass installer is necessary for your safety, because of a piece of glass is not installed correctly, you run the chance of compromising the structural integrity of the vehicle.

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