Windshields, Winter and Hot Water…

Windshield wipers frozen to windshield

Winter is both a fun and dangerous time of year to be driving. Use the handy, tested, and proven tips from the pros at to make your daily commute a little safer, and a lot easier to see.

When you’re in a rush to get somewhere, pouring hot water on your windshield may seem like the fastest way to de-ice your windshield–but at all costs avoid doing this! The temperature differential could stress your windshield to the breaking point. This goes double for using your windshield wipers–it’s highly likely you’ll only scratch your windshield with the trapped dirt and ice under the wiper, as well as damage the wiper in the process.

The structural integrity of your windshield depends on you caring for it the right way, under all conditions. Keep your windshield defogged and easy to look through, by combining your antifreeze with special cleaner tablets that keep your windshield wipers moisturized in the dry cold of the winter months. Plus your windows will be extra clean–making it hard for snow, ice, or dirt to build up over time. Winter windshield care can be a breeze, with just a few minutes of daily prevention.

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Oh the weather outside is frightful…Driving during the winter is a challenge…snow, black ice, high winds. It often feels like Mother Nature has it out for you! Especially if you live in those areas where you practically have to dig your car out of the snow each morning before work. But don’t let a little snow and ice on your car dampen your Winter Wonderland fun! Here are some tips and tricks from the pros on how to care for and maintain your windshield and wipers during the long cold winter.


This may seem counterintuitive, but hear us out! Your vehicle’s windshield is comprised of several molecular bonds that all expand when they are heated, and then constrict when the temperature drops.

If you have any scratches, chips, or cracks in your windshield, hot water will only cause them to grow–almost instantaneously. With the combination of the hot water expanding the windshield, and then the cold outdoor temperature causing it to restrict, it weakens the molecular bond, causing the damage to creep across your windshield.


While it may be convenient, your windshield wipers were not made for ice or dirt-encrusted caked-on snow. When you use your windshield wipers on ice or snow, it dramatically increases your chances of scratching your windshield. The wipers cannot adhere properly to the glass surface, and it drags dirt and debri under the squeegee, resulting in scratches of various degrees. On top of that, ice and snow can truly wear down your wipers, meaning you’ll need to replace them much sooner.

In fact, if you leave your wipers down on your windshield when your vehicle is parked outside, they will likely freeze in place! And much like your windshield glass, your wipers expand and constrict. This eventually causes the wipers to crack and tear. That means your windshield wipers are out of service when you need them the most–as your vehicle is in motion!

Instead, Hit the Defroster and be patient!!

Next, Get a Real Ice Scraper – A good ice scraper is made of durable plastic, and has a soft bristle brush. The brush is used for loose snow, and the scraper can lift ice from the windshield with only a little bit of effort. This is easiest to do after your defroster has been on for a few minutes, as the ice will soften significantly and save you a lot of rigorous work out in the freezing snow.

Warning: using items that are not made to scrape ice off your windshield are highly likely to scratch, chip, or pit your windshield glass. Don’t risk it–get the real deal.

Lastly, Make Sure Your Car is Stocked up on Windshield Antifreeze Solution and Cleaning Tablets. In another video we made, we explained that cleaning tablets are a versatile, environmentally friendly, and affordable way to clean your windshield. You can also mix those tablets with the windshield antifreeze solution in your vehicle’s reservoir.

This will not only help your windshield keep from acquiring frozen build up as you drive, but it will also help to clean your windshield and remove any streaks occurring from snow, dirt, or ice. The worst time of year to have a scratch, crack, chip, or pit in your windshield is the winter. The last thing you want is to be driving in a storm, and watch your windshield rapidly crack.

If your windshield is on its last leg–or on its way there–visit Our local independent installers are customer rated and offer mobile service wherever you are. In 30 seconds you can have up to 3 quotes, and in an hour or less your windshield can be replaced with high-quality OEM glass.

Instantly Get Up to 3 Local Windshield Replacement Quotes