The Windshield Repair Process: What’s Involved

windshield repair process

What’s involved in the windshield repair process? How can you tell if your local windshield repair company uses the most advanced techniques and products?

These are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding broken glass at the front a car, truck, van or SUV.

That being said, we prepared a step-by-step guide what the windshield repair process should look like, from the first assessment to the final results. Always look for professionals who follow these procedures.

At, we only partner with highly reputable providers who are certified technicians and use original equipment manufacturer glass. You can contact windshield repair technicians using to make sure you’re hiring the best professionals.

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1. Windshield Repair Assessment

Before a the physical windshield repair process takes place, the technicians need to assess the situation.

Basically, they need to determine whether a repair is possible. Otherwise, your windshield needs to be replaced by a new one. The windshield repair assessment is based on three factors: the size of the damage, the depth of the damage, and the location of the damage.

The rule of thumb for windshield repair is that if a crack is smaller than a quarter and shorter than three inches long, the glass can be repaired instead of replaced.

Depth is also important: if the damage has reached the middle layer of the glass, windshield repair might not be the best option.

Regarding the location of the damage, windshield repair is only possible if the result doesn’t affect the driver’s perception of the road or interfere with any technology sensors located on the windshield.

If the damage on your windshield isn’t too large, too deep or located at a delicate position, then you can request a windshield repair instead of a windshield replacement.

2. Physical Windshield Repair Process: Step-by-Step

So what does the windshield repair process look like?

Although different professionals use different techniques to fix windshield glass, we will explain the approved method that we require from all windshield repair companies we partner with.

1. Windshield Repair Preparation

The first step of the windshield repair process is for the technician to prepare the area around the damage for the actual repair. This includes covering the hood of the car and cleaning the glass.

2. Windshield Cleaning

Next, cleaning takes place. The windshield cleaning process involves vacuuming the air from the broken windshield to ensure a successful fix.

3. Glass Resin Application

The third step of the process for repairing windshields is the application of glass healer resin in the damaged area. The point is for it to go deep into every single part of the crack. This precision is what results in a wonderful end result.

4. Glass Resin Curing

Once enough glass healer resin is injected in the damaged area, the technician will cure it using ultraviolet light. At this point, the resin will solidify and the damage will be repaired.

5. Removing Excess Resin

However, there is an extra step in the process of fixing broken windshield glass that consists of removing the surplus of resin and polishing the windshield repair spot to make it smooth.

6. Windshield Repair Process is Over

Finally, the technician will clean the glass and remove the cover from the hood, thus finishing the windshield repair service.

3. Windshield Repair Results

What can you expect from a high-quality windshield repair process? While you might notice a small cavity in the windshield where the auto glass was repaired, it will be barely noticeable.

What’s more, windshield repair services from shops and professionals you contact using will be so good that in a few days you won’t even remember the glass was damaged in the first place.

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Instantly Get Up to 3 Local Windshield Replacement Quotes