Why You Should Start Using Windshield Washer Tablets

Windshield wiper working perfectly

When it comes to cleaning your windshield while driving, the most common solution is to use – well, a solution. Most people just buy a plastic jug of windshield washer fluid, pour it in the reservoir, and call it a day, using the fluid as needed and replacing it with another bottle when the reservoir empties. There is another option available, however. Windshield washer tablets offer a different way to get your windshield clean. Here, we will examine why it might be in your best interest to consider using windshield washer tablets.

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What’s So Great About Windshield Washer Tablets?

When it comes to cleaning your windshield, you are probably perfectly satisfied with your bottles of cleaner, so what could possibly be so great about using windshield washer tablets? For starters, they are very cost effective, as you can purchase many tablets at once. Of course, this is only one of the many benefits that you should consider when it comes to windshield washer tablets.

These tablets also offer the advantage of being a much greener alternative to traditional windshield washer fluid. Most windshield cleaners are made of toxic chemicals that are harmful to the environment and they come in those bulky plastic containers that often end up taking up valuable space in our landfills. Windshield washer tablets are made of much greener ingredients, and you can eliminate those bulky plastic bottles once and for all.

How Do Windshield Washer Tablets Work?

One question many people have is exactly how these windshield washing tablets work. The truth of the matter is that it couldn’t be simpler. All you need to do is add a gallon of water to your windshield washer fluid reservoir and then add in a fast dissolving tablet. The tablets are designed to dissolve completely, ensuring that there are no particles or debris that could clog your sprayer nozzles. Once the tablet has fully dissolved, your windshield washer fluid is ready to be used. It’s mess free, doesn’t require measuring, and doesn’t result in the spills and frustrations that typically accompany filling the reservoir from a bottle of windshield washer fluid.

What About Winter?

While mixing tablets with water is great in summer, what do you do during the winter when the temperatures are far too cold to put water in the windshield washer fluid reservoir? It’s simple! Windshield washer tablets work great when added to windshield antifreeze fluid. While these liquids are great for melting ice from the windshield, the simple fact is that they aren’t great for getting rid of salt and sand accumulation during and after snow storms. With windshield washer tablets, you can add great cleaning ability to your antifreeze and get the best of both worlds!

Are There Other Benefits?

Yes. Most windshield washer tablets contain wetting agents, which can help preserve the life of your wiper blades. These agents will help wet the blades so that they glide across the surface of the windshield, getting rid of that annoying squealing sound that wiper blades make then they are dry and helping to extend the life of the blades themselves.

The bottom line is this – your car is better off using windshield washer tablets for many reasons. Whether you are looking for a cleaner windshield that preserves the life of your wiper blades or simply consider yourself to be environmentally conscious and always looking for ways to be greener, these tablets will help you achieve your goals. They are a cost effective solution for keeping your windshield clean and can help you avoid the use of harsh chemicals.

Instantly Get Up to 3 Local Windshield Replacement Quotes