Myths About Windshield Maintenance

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When it comes to maintaining your windshield, there are many myths that make their way into the common knowledge so that they are looked at as truth. In fact, a lot of what you believe about maintaining your windshield might be false. Here, we will look at some of the most common myths about windshield maintenance and we will examine the truth behind them. When you know how to properly take care of your windshield and what to expect when it is being replaced, you are in a much better position to ensure that your vehicle is safe.

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Myth #1 – All I Need Is My Heater and Wipers to Clear My Windshield in Winter

This is definitely a common myth for people in colder regions, and it is one that can cause damage to the windshield and to the wipers. Many people use their wipers to scrape off ice, damaging the wiper blades and possibly causing pitting and other problems on the windshield. Even if it is cold out, your best bet is going to be to get out and properly remove snow and ice from your windshield.

Myth #2 – A Small Chip Is No Big Matter

This one is definitely a common myth, and auto glass dealers are all too familiar with customers who have to come in for a full auto glass replacement because they were driving around with an unrepaired chip in their glass. There are many different types of chips that can happen to your auto glass, and each one will spread in its own unique way. A crater chip, for example, will spread differently than a bull’s-eye chip. Most types of chips can and should be repaired, as the vibrations from driving and even changes in temperature can cause them to rapidly turn into cracks.

Myth #3 – My Windshield Is Chipped, I Better Head to My Dealer

If you have a chip or crack in your windshield, you can certainly take it in to your dealer if you choose, but you should know that this will cost you a significant amount of money. You will likely be much better off choosing a windshield repair specialist to help you repair or replace your auto glass. One benefit of choosing an auto glass specialist is that in many cases, they will come to you so that you don’t have to drive to them! Another benefit to choosing a qualified auto glass specialist is that they can let you know whether the chip in your windshield can be fixed or you need to have the glass replaced. You may not need a new windshield at all!

Myth #4 – My Windshield Is Broken, I Will Be Unable to Drive for Days

Windshield replacement is not as lengthy a process as you might imagine. While cold temperatures can increase the amount of time until you are able to drive again, in many cases you will be able to drive your car only an hour or two after your windshield has been replaced. When humidity or temperature make it difficult to use adhesive outdoors, your windshield can be replaced in a garage or in the auto glass repair shop.

The Bottom Line

So, how many of these myths have you heard before? All of the myths listed here are often thought of as truth by many drivers. Windshield maintenance myths can spread quickly and are often very hard to dispel once they become commonplace. Whether it is what you need to do to remove ice in winter or how to take care of a chip or crack in your windshield, knowing the truth behind the myth is certainly important.

Instantly Get Up to 3 Local Windshield Replacement Quotes