Car Glass Replacement: What to Look for in a Technician

car glass replacement

Are you looking for a car glass replacement technician? Then you must know how hard it is to find someone who meets all your needs and you can trust.

Here’s a challenge for you: go to Glass.Net right now. It will take less than 30 seconds and you will get 3 free quotes for car glass replacement. Then try to decide which technician you should choose. We’ll give you the answer at the end of the article.

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What Car Glass Replacement Features To Look For

So what should you look for when it comes to car glass replacement? There are three essential features that auto glass shops and technicians must have: certifications, materials and warranties.

Car Glass Replacement Certifications

Car glass replacement certifications are arguably the one thing you should look for. This one is pretty obvious: you shouldn’t trust anyone who can’t prove they know what they’re doing.

Our recommendation is that you ask car glass replacement shops and technicians whether they have an NGA (National Glass Association) certification.

Although there are other certifications with a similar status, none is as widespread around the country, and as respected, as the NGA certification.

Car Glass Replacement Materials

Technical knowledge is essential, but the materials used in car glass replacement are important as well. The results will never be as good and long-lasting if the materials aren’t the most advanced and of the highest quality.

When requesting a car glass replacement service, make sure the shop you contact works with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) materials.

There are two different materials of significance in car glass replacement. First, the glass itself must be OEM quality glass in order to be as durable and reliable as the original glass. Then, the sealants must also be OEM quality sealants to ensure excellent adherence of the glass to the car.

Car Glass Replacement Warranties and Insurance

The final feature to look for in car glass replacement shops and technicians involves warranties and insurance.

Car glass replacement insurance claims can be a big hassle, so it’s important for you to look for technicians and shops approved by all major insurances — yours in particular if you have one. Some auto glass shops can even help you with the insurance claim, which is great if you have doubts about the process.

Car glass replacement warranties are also helpful. When contacting an auto glass shop, ask about their warranties.

Some technicians only offer limited warranties that cover exclusively their labor. You don’t want that.

What you should look for is a lifetime warranty on both the parts used and the labor. Ideally, nothing will go wrong and the car glass replacement will stay in place perfectly. But if it doesn’t, it’s very reassuring to have a warranty so that you don’t need to pay for a new car glass replacement.

Find Car Glass Replacement Using Glass.Net

At the beginning of the article, we challenged you to choose the best shop from the 3 free quotes you get when visiting Glass.Net. Could you make a decision?

Actually, the challenge was slightly unfair. There is no right answer.

Why? Because all shops and technicians that we recommend at Glass.Net meet the criteria. They all have an NGA certification, they all use OEM quality glass and sealants, and they are all approved by major insurances and offer a lifetime warranty.

So how do you decide which shop to contact? Well, you can choose the best quote. You can also choose the shop with the best reviews from previous users. Or you can choose a shop with extra features such as mobile or same-day services.

If you haven’t done it yet, visit Glass.Net to get your 3 free quotes for car glass replacement from local shops.

Instantly Get Up to 3 Local Windshield Replacement Quotes